Digital Media

We can assist you with a variety of digital media; video editing, production and conversions, animations, training or educational presentations. This also includes transferring and converting your digital files between different forms of physical media; hard drives, CD, DVD, memory cards, etc.

Video Editing / Production
From wedding compilations to corporate communications, to a collection of personal or family images arranged with music, our team can put it together.
Video Conversions
Delegate media conversion to the professionals! We love to work with video and can convert nearly any video media to nearly any digital format.
Training / Education
For trainers and educators in any discipline, digital media is the proven medium for enhancing learning because of its repeatability, retention, and ability to visualize complex subjects.
Animations / Flash
Motion will always make a bigger visual impact than flat graphics. Your project may be best served using raster vs vector animation but either way we can assist or create the design you need.
Avoid the risk of not knowing if you receive original work, clipart resused many times, or a design copied from another source. We work with you to ensure the originality of your designs.